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About Dark Dispatches

Dark Dispatches is a new action/adventure series that follows the journeys of scholar & researcher, Emily Hallum, who's called upon to help those plagued by natural and preternatural events around the world.


Where will Emily be dispatched to in the first issue of Dark Dispatches: Village of the Dead and who will she meet?


Emily Hallum Ph.D.

Officer Jesse Garrett


Sergeant Sampson


Brandy Green              @MissBrandyGreen

Best known for her work on NBCUniversal's SyFy Channel show "Ghost Hunters International", Brandy is a Minnesota native who has most recently ventured into the comic book arena. The writer of Dark Dispatches is not only a television personality and comic book creator, having traveled to forty countries and six continents while also being a published photographer, she additionally works in the educational field. Brandy has a degree in secondary education and formal education in world religions, history, anthropology, and psychology. Adding to her extensive resume, she is also a trained mixed martial artist and continues to develop new television and film concepts.

Lazaro Suarez                         @GraphicDLaz

Lazaro Suarez (b. 1978) is an American comic book artist. Born in Miami, Florida, he is currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida. A professional artist that has sold artworks around the world as well as having his artwork published in books, Lazaro has teamed up with Brandy Green, as the originating artist, to produce colorful and well constructed images for the new action/adventure comic book series Dark Dispatches. Suarez's previous work includes his creation, My Date with the Devil's Daughter. When not at his artist desk, he enjoys traveling the US showcasing his work at conventions and meeting fellow comic book lovers.

Jim Fern

Jim Fern was born on Long Island, New York in 1964 and became an inker for Marvel in 1983 working on various Spider-Man titles. He later started penciling as a fill-in artist on titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men Annual #13 (where he co-designed and drew Jubilee in her first story), Transformers and Wolverine. Fern also started working with DC Comics as an artist on such titles as Legion '90, Adventures of Superman, Batman, Detective COMICS, and co-created the series Scarlett and Crossing Midnight. In addition to his comic book work, Jim has worked as a Walt Disney World artist for the Disney Design Group. Fern assisted with a portion of the graphic illustrations for Issues #1 and #2 of Dark Dispatches and worked as lead artistic talent acquisition. He is responsible for all visuals of the third and final issue of the trilogy.


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