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Dark Dispatches

the FILM

Written by Brandy Green


This project is currently in development.

After inadvertently coming into possession of extremely top secret information, Robert Ward, ex-Marine and head security representative of a global aerospace defense company, fought to keep his family safe and the information from being taken and destroyed. Years later, after a devastating plane crash landed his then nine year old daughter Emily into the foster care system, Emily works as an emotionally tainted anthropology professor struggling to make peace with her past. In her corner is Patrick, a detective in Los Angeles who finds himself entangled in the same battle Robert initially fought over twenty years ago and now, the situation has become deadlier than ever before.

Early Preview Reviews are in!

On April 29th, a number of individuals were sent the first 14 pages of the Dark Dispatches screenplay. 


Their thoughts are posted here:

Frank Tougas: "'s a gripping tale of intrigue and political espionage. What begins as a simple tale of corporate spying rapidly moves into an accidental turn of events that will keep you guessing..."


Ken Valdez @kenvaldez: "This was awesome! ...I found myself wondering what's going to happen next? I am looking forward to reading/seeing all that transpires within the world of Dark Dispatches."


Nate Howe @howitzer27: "The whole time I was reading, my imagination was firing off like crazy. I love the focus on the time period in the beginning. The flashbacks hit a spot in my heart... Super intense. I loved the history and the bit about the Marines and [martial arts] training. Accurate. So much that I liked!"

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